I read the "About Our Company," I trekked through the timeline, but I still can't tell which is the parent company, or who owns what, or who's in charge. Regardless, somebody here is making quantities of pencils, markers, crayons and such. www.prang.com is your one-stop source very much information about the many fine Prang / Dixon / Ticonderoga products.

Such as . . .

The Dixon® Golf Pencil
Get with the game! You'll drive home the point with Dixon's golf pencil. Easy-to-find bright yellow color keeps it at the ready - on or off the golf course. Short in stature, this pencil is long on performance. Perfect for lottery kiosks, survey forms, questionnaires, and of course, golf.

Prang® Hygieia® Chalk
Don't be left standing in the dust - make the switch to America's favorite dustless chalk - Prang Hygieia. Prang's Hygieia makes clean distinct marks on chalkboards for maximum visibility and contrast, and erases cleanly with no ghosting. Finally - a chalk that wears well on the chalkboard - not on you!

Dixon® Ultra!™ Pen
A little dab will do! Dixon Ultra! pen quickly takes care of unwanted errors and helps you reach documentable perfection. Dab it on for quick and easy adjustments. Correction fluid goes on easy - a little goes a long way. Gives superior coverage with no strong odors to take your mind elsewhere.

Oh, and word on the street says their crayons are made of SOY.

See also Joseph Dixon, Louis Prang.