I celebrate myself, and sing myself. Every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you. I hope to trade you a story for a story, hoping to cease not till death.

I am a jumbleheap of leftovers which don't all match up, but then again lots of them do. I am the only one who needs all my pieces, but then again I give at least one piece to everyone.

I studied psychology to understand people and when I started to understand, I quit.

I taught a girl how to hydroplane and, later, how to make love. I like tall women and blonde men and everyone else. This morning I made the FedEx man laugh, who never laughs.   I am the one Alice wanted after all.

I fix things and explain things. I am a part of this screen and so are you; when we read each other, we become part of each other. I want to know the biggest idea you carry around inside you. I want to eat everything you can say. Tell me your three wishes and I will grant one.

I leave index cards with my email address on public tables. The cards say, If I left you my name, would you tell me something that happened when you were seven? Would you tell me about open windows and your mother? Would you tell me everything?

I have a loud holy vision that is beginning to set things on fire. I have a soft wind vision that I am giving away for free. Vision after vision I am waiting for the right one to electrically engulf me and reawaken every cell. When I am king no one will go hungry.

I make resolutions and keep them. I have never used one of my votes and I never will. It is safe to trust me with secrets and babies.

I am vain and happy and I want to give you both these things. I am unleashed. I take a photograph of myself every day. Thom Yorke offered to marry me but I said No, everyone likes you better lonely.

Every day I learn something and do a good deed. Every day I eat green things. Everyday I write the book and by now you are probably in it.

I am junkpile. One day I will step out of my body and burst into bloom. I never get cramps, every letter of my name is silent, and in my dreams I can always, always fly.