When I was 14, I had signed up to take the SAT's. It was a lovely spring morning, and I was a bit overtired. I took some no-doze and grabbed my sharpened pencils.

During the first part of the test, I felt weird. I realized I had gotten my period. It wasn't just a little bit of blood. I was wearing cream colored shorts, and knew when I stood up they would be stained. I waited til the first break, and when everyone had gotten up I walked to the teacher administrating the test. I looked at my seat, and realized there was a bloody smear. I used looseleaf paper to try to wipe it up, and to absorb any other yuckiness. I begged her to let open the nurse's office so I could get a tampon, but she didn't have the keys. She told me unless I had a tampon with me, I was stuck. If I left the building, I would be disqualified for the test, and would have to re-take it.

After deciding I could tough it out, a friend of mine told me I should go home, and re-take the test another day since it was obvious I was dripping blood. I had to walk out of the room, pick up and dispose of looseleaf paper with blood on it, all of this while everyone was seated, and saw exactly why I was leaving.