Although there exist several methods of synching the movie with the music, most sources recommend starting the album at the end of the lion's third and final roar. Apparently, this ensures that 1. producer Mervyn LeRoy's credit appears exactly as the first chord of Breathe is played.

2. "balanced on the biggest wave" is sung as Dorothy is balancing on the fence.

3. Dorothy falls from the fence during the transition from Breathe to the much darker On The Run.

4. Auntie Em’s speaking corresponds with a female voice in the music.

5. While singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Dorothy looks at the sky as airplanes can be heard in On The Run.

6. Bells and chimes from Time begin as Miss Gulch/The Wicked Witch of the West appears on her bicycle and dissipate as she slows down and gets off.

7. The words Past Present Future can be seen in Professor Marvel's wagon during Time.

8. Great Gig in the Sky begins as Dorothy is leaving Professor Marvel’s wagon.

9. A female voice can be heard saying "I'm not afraid of dying" as images of the tornado are shown.

10. The singing in Great Gig in the Sky becomes mellow as Dorothy is knocked unconscious by the shutter.

11. Dorothy opens the door as the first chaching! of Money is heard.

At this point, it should be noted that side one of original Dark Side of the Moon record album is exactly as long as the first black and white portion of the movie. The only time that silence occurs between tracks on Dark Side of the Moon is when the listener would have to switch to side two, between Great Gig in the Sky and Money, corresponding nicely to the black and white (Kansas) and color (Oz) portions of the movie.

12. Ballerina munchkins enter as "us, us, us..." is heard in Us and Them and three male munchkins enter as "me, me, me..." is heard.

13. The wicked witch appears as "black, black, black..." is heard and the shot changes to Dorothy in her blue dress as "blue, blue, blue..." is heard.

14. "and who knows which is which and who is who" is heard in Us and Them as both witches are in Munchkin land.

15. Brain Damage is heard as the scarecrow is singing If I Only Had a Brain. "the lunatic is on the grass"

16. A heartbeat is heard as Dorothy listens to the Tin Man’s chest.

The album ends here, but some say more connections can be found if the CD is set to repeat. The album begins and ends with a heartbeat, leading one to believe that the album was meant to be repeated like The Wall. Others claim that more connections can be found if Animals is started when Dark Side of the Moon ends and tracks 2 through 5 of Meddle are played after Animals (odd, because Meddle was recorded before both Dark Side of the Moon and Animals).