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1955. Long Island, New York native. Resident of Orange Park, Florida. Supervisory computer geek for the US Navy (civilian). Husband of 22 years, father of one daughter.

What Matters (to me, anyway): Harness racing, The Yankees, the Jacksonville Jaguars. TV. Reading. Computer security paranoia. Conservatism. Linux. Northgate OmniKey keyboards. XTC, Elvis Costello, the Ramones, Beefheart, the O'Jays, Coltrane, Bird, Monk, Miles, Dolphy, Gershwin, et. al. Beaches in the winter. Mountains in the summer. My lawn. Rain for my lawn. Bicycles. Ford F-150s with V-8 engines. David Mamet/Stanley Kubrick movies (along with movies most people never heard of). Monument Park at Yankee Stadium. Legends Field, Tampa in March. The Upper East Side. The Oak Creek subdivision. TIAA Bank Stadium, Jacksonville on NFL Opening Day. Regular, unflavored coffee. Iced tea mix. Python Perl. PHP. bash. Breathing.