It's an interesting fact that in Spain, the traditional equivalent of April Fools' Day is celebrated on December 28th. On this date, called the Innocent Saints' Day, the Catholic Church remembers the children killed by order of King Herod (see New Testament for details).

Since the Middle Ages this date has somehow became a sort of Fools' Day. A traditional trick is sticking a paper man to someone's back and still today, every Dec 28th, Spanish newspapers and TV will play their pranks.

Fun being made of the slaughtering of children could seem strange or inappropriate, but the blend of devout religiosity and black humor is actually very distinctive of the Spanish character.

A funny thing is that we Spaniards are mostly oblivious to the fact that on April 1st we must not believe everything we read and watch from foreign media. This leads to embarrassing mistakes like Spanish computer magazines reporting the launch of the revolutionary A-migadrive.