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I don't consider myself a very creative person (although I do have my flashes of brilliance every once in awhile... anyway), so I'm copying this bio template from maayan.

I'm an inTj (I+1 N+2 T+12 J+0). I've changed a lot since I last took the test (maybe a year ago) -- I've moved toward the middle. Recently (in my late-college idealistic phase) I've taken on the mantra that "balance is key." So I'm actively trying to round myself out a little. I've taken on a few non-technical hobbies, crochet and languages being the most significant of them.

I'm a senior CS major at Carnegie Mellon University. I'm not too fond of drinking (I belong to a dry Jewish fraternity... yes, such a thing does exist). Not so hot on video games either.

After college I plan to write code for a living. Ideally, I'll retire when I'm 35 and move to Italy to become an olive farmer. I'm not kidding.

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