Ah, ICQ. I can leave my buddies messages, chat, or search for a rand--

Do I want to cyber? Hm... Let's see... Filipo in Argentina?! WTF? So I tell him that I'm male. No, Filipo, I am male. No no no, I don't care about that. Dammit, get it through your head! Fine, fine, Ignored.

Ah, so where was I. Ah yes, randomness. I should really turn the random thing off before--

Mikhail is offering me hot sex. His gender and most of his details only show up as ASCII gibberish to me, but I know enough about Russian society to know that Mikhail is not the name you'd attach to a hot chick. I try to explain to him that I am a guy. He says he doesn't mind. No no no, Mikhail, I am a man, I have a penis. So he repeats his offer. Dammit, Mikhail, didn't you read the sign? "No horny commie homosexuals, please!" Ignored.

Sheesh, time to block that random crap. Ok, all should be good. Hmm.. another new message?

Who are you and how did you get this name? "Oh, I used the white pages." Ok, so why is a 13 year old messaging me? You're looking for committment? Um... Let me get back to you on that. Ignored.

Ok, ok, so maybe I should just stick with irc and AOL instant messenger.