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  • acres of mall

  • yelling at the kids, furious, scary. Emma, J. Michael, but mostly I was mad at Victoria.

  • In the underground museum we walked around until we'd seen everything, then went back to the beginning where the line had formed for the bears. We let the others go on ahead. What was she playing with? The zookeeper had an animal I had never seen. Made out of cloth and buttons and yarn. It was friendly, played hide & seek and peekaboo with her, but I was freaked. I asked what kind of animal it was. She said she didn't know, she'd found it in Guam.

    Later, I found a scrap of paper:
    Auntie, but nemo says she won't "cross that bridge" with me until she's "older." She kept the rotten puppet though. Guam.

  • sanrio store

  • the littlest one won the discman

  • they finally set them free, back into the ocean