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  • too many people in the house and all I wanted was to retreat. No air conditioning, horrible. My brother wouldn’t leave me alone for one minute.

  • shaving my legs and it hurt no matter how I did it

  • Watching Pete play a video game and not understanding what he was getting out of it – there was no challenge. He’d found everything there was to find, no time limit, no monsters, invincible. He crashed up through the ceiling and found a secret room but it was still boring.

  • Went swimming in the apartment pool. Quiet, calm water, cool, perfect. Suddenly, too many people there, all talking, I couldn’t just be there and think anymore. No one was swimming, just holding on to the edge. I felt stupid doing anything but the same. I held still until I couldn’t stand it, then got out of the pool awkwardly, thinking, everyone is watching me, they’re thinking how enormous I am, did I shave my legs?