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I went to find them. The sick feeling of knowing I was late and going to get in trouble for it. They were all happy, talking, laughing, in no hurry. I had no paper or pen, hadn't done the homework, wasn't sure which class I was going to.

She told me all about the amazing building on our way there. The windows, the floors, the cathedral-like quality of the room where we'd be studying math. When we got there, turns out she'd forgotten the class had been moved to a somewhat less splendid building.

We rode up to the top - where were the others? Its was just myself and a handsome man in the crystalline elevator. I stepped too near the edge and could have been sheared in half when the building morphed. He did not warn me.

At the top everything shut down - lights, movement, everything. The elevator wanted to know my access code. I wasn't a real student, so didn't have any idea. The handsome man would not help me. I faked a code which satisfied the elevator enough to let me crawl a few feet into a red-lit tunnel. He knew the right numbers and was far away. I tried random numbers and got a few more feet but then the tunnel closed behind me and I panicked and screamed and I was not only trapped but going to be very, very late for class.