At first, it seemed like any other day. Admittedly, the architecture on all the buildings on campus was a bit more Dali-esque than usual, but this being a dream, I failed to really notice. I also failed to notice anything odd about the fact that I walked into a lecture on some sort of Music related topic. (My major is in Computer Science and Engineering, so this could be taken as rather unlikely)

What did suprise me was the fact that J----- was sitting next to me. A little background at this point: I first met her my freshman year at high school. She was a junior at the time. I didn't really get to know her until the following year, but after I did, I fell in love with her. Now, given that she was almost 3 years older than me{1}, It's probably not too suprising that she didn't return my affections. I suppose there are those who would call this sort of thing a crush, or puppy love, but I think those terms don't adequately convey the raw emotions that unrequited love can bring about.

Well, anyway, I got over her for the most part, and she went off to college, first at Dayton, now in Akron. I haven't seen her since last summer.

Which is why I was rather suprised to see her sitting in a nonexistant lecture hall, in a nonexistant building on the campus of the Unviersity of Toledo. She didn't bother to tell me why she was there, just sat with me through class. Something about the fact that she was simply there made me feel very warm inside.

After class was over, we walked together down this hall which seemed to lead nowhere, but continue forever. She poured her heart out to me. Apparently, she had always loved me too, but was kept from expressing it, first by a sense of duty to her boyfriend at the time, then by a fear that making things work would be too hard. I took her hands in mine, bent over to kiss her,

And then I woke up.

As unpleasant realizations go, becoming aware that the whole thing was just a dream ranks pretty high on the "rip your heart out" scale. All in all, I'd rather just have the nightmare about the tentacle instead.

{1} 2 years, 11 months, and 6 days, to be specific.

I had a dream that I was rollerblading through a city, much like Vancouver, but much more hilly. I was weaving in and out of trafic and such.

I came to an intersection and turned right, It was a long hill :( But there was two other bladers to share in the pain that it would be. We got about half way up the hill, it was killing me (I'm very outa shape.) The guys in front of me decieded to take a break, evidently they were out of shape also.

We sat on a window ledge of a store and talked about how we really needed to get more fit (they were both larger and a bit over weight, where I am thin and under weight, I only mention this because it seemed to play an important role in our conversation.)

After we had been sitting there a bit, some what I can only call 'bullies' were approching, I could tell they were going to be trouble and as soon as I saw them pointing to us and laughing I knew I had to do something. So I rolled over to one of them and punched him, and started getting out of there as fast as I could.

I was flying down streets and across lawns and such.

I woke up breathless.

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