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  • I was that man who was late.
    Where the fuck do you get a rental car around here?
    The other man sat in the back seat and the part of me that was still a girl thought he was awfully cute, but I was trying not to think about that, because right now I was a man. To get rid of the confusion I jacked off while he slept.

  • Bonita had run away from OLA and taken all the chicken and strawberries she could fit in her car!
    I was supposed to be upset but I just couldn't get mad at her.

  • We were out west and had discovered the secret of very fast, magical travel.
    Where do you want to go tomorrow? Reno? Great Falls?
    edebroux was with us but we hardly ever saw her - she was there on business, all dressed up in a blue suit.

  • Let's ask Clarissa's little friend what her favorite tv show is.
    "'Kennedy and Livingston,' ma'am."
    Why were they all so disappointed in my choice?