We were in the car discussing light fixtures for a home we will never live in when the thought drifted by - this feels more like a date than a test drive. Back at the dealership a buddy of his suggested I take the car home for an extended test drive since I couldn't decide if I wanted the car enough to buy it. After my salesman left some of the guys he works with asked if I was coming out for drinks. The next time I saw him we went for another drive. During lunch he asked if I had decided which car I was going to buy. When I told him I wasn't sure he made sure I knew that the Honda I was considering was attractively priced.

The only people a salesman knows are current customers and future buyers. Still I'm listening to his voice noticing how many different colors I can pick out in his eyes. He was there to try and sell something. I had to remember that even though a deeper part of me wanted there to be something more. I like his friends and the people he works with. Based on the way they refused to let me pay for anything when we went out I think they like me however I know that we have no future together. Driving is a calculated risk. Millions of people die in auto accidents every day. I took my car keys from his outstretched hand thinking a seven minute test drive can be more dangerous than the roads that will eventually take me home.