1. Could it be his rippled hair? 
  2. We have similar coloring.
  3. Or maybe it's his eyes -
  4. so inky blue they might be
  5. violet. He has nice hands.
  6. His ivory smile is quiet and
  7. shy. But it's more than just
  8. his exquisitely tailored shirts
  9. cool rose, bright turquoise,
  10. graceful elegant wristwatch
  11. hosiery that complements 
  12. his footwear, yes please...
  13. It's the way he responds
  14. to my emails. Thoughtfully
  15. carefully, saying more than
  16. the text conveys. It's the
  17. deliberate liquid precision
  18. seemingly effortless fluid 
  19. phrasing. It's the way he
  20. flirts; subtle, nuanced; he
  21. is classy, refined, sensual,
  22. sexy without being flashy.
  23. I've never met anyone
  24. like him. Does the moon
  25. cry out during an eclipse