When my pastor speaks of "free will" those words mean something very specific to me. God created man with free will; that is the capacity to accept or reject God. After the fall of man free will was one of the things taken from mankind. My God has the power to cast someone into hell. That he chose to drive Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden instead of damning them for eternity shows me that his capacity for mercy is great. My God is a just God. He demands payment for sins yet nothing I do is acceptable to him for everything I think, do and say is steeped in sin. Only the innocent blood of Christ shed on the cross can atone for my sins.

While the passage "be fruitful and multiply" implies that God has given mankind the capacity to reproduce I believe that the word fruitful has a larger meaning beyond that of procreation. Genesis speaks of sacrifices offered by Cain and Abel. One was acceptable to God while the other repulsed him. Faith is not a static commodity. Either your faith is growing and you will produce fruit or your faith is dying and you will wither on the vine. While misinterpretation of the Bible by Christian fundamentalists is common I do not believe that God demands people have children nor do I believe that those who use contraception are wrong. I am not a theologian however this is what I believe about the words "be fruitful and multiply".