I just deleted my first node: A daylog in which jclast breaks one of the cardinal rules of e2.

Yesterday, I spent the better part of my morning crafting what I thought to be a fine node, a shining example of what a writeup about an excellent video game should be. I had raised the bar, and I was proud. It turns out I was wrong. My creation was only allowed to accrue three votes (all upvotes, by the way) before I sent it to Node Heaven. You see, my subject of choice, Ubisoft's Beyond Good & Evil, had already been noded. I had mistakenly searched for Beyond Good and Evil and found writeups dealing only with an essay by Friedrich Nietzsche.

I should have looked at the softlinks more closely. I'm lucky that I caught my duplicate effort before somebody else did. I now have my first non-boring resident of Node Heaven, and I do not mourn my loss because I have learned from the experience. I have only lost the potential for XP, which doesn't really matter to me any more. It mattered when I was level 1 because I wanted to vote, to contribute to the community. Now that I can, I'm not bitter about the loss of a node. So I lost a couple of hours and some potential votes. I still have the satisfaction of producing what I think is a good node. And now I also know that I have it in me to thin the herd.

But seriously, if you play video games, give Beyond Good & Evil a try. It's cheap (I got mine for $20), it's got a great story, it's engaging, and the main character is attractive without being slutty (a rarity in female video game characters these days).