Contrary to common belief, sadism is not strictly limited to a desire to hurt others, or see others in pain, or indeed taking pleasure in the discomfort of others. Rather, to be a sadist one must follow the inherent philosophy of the Marquis de Sade, that is to say, to do what Nature dictates, and that is mainly, to please and serve YOURSELF before anyone else. A sadist may thoroughly enjoy being flogged to a bleeding pulp, or being the bottom in a sexual power exchange. Alternatively, a sadist may also enjoy chopping up little girls into pieces. A sadist may enjoy eating pancakes on a Saturday morning. The point is that what anyone else enjoys or values, or indeed BELIEVES is unimportant to the sadist.

A sadist does not believe in love, nor law, nor God. They are faithful to friends and lovers only to protect their interests, find no evidence to an afterlife, and see their own survival as important, but because of a belief in the cycles of nature and Man's unimportance in the grand scheme of the Universe, do not fear death.