sodaplay is nothing more than a website with a java applet running On it. But oh, what an applet! Basically it's an engineering simulation: you can build models out of a combination of springs, solid connecting bars and weights. Once you're happy with your model (or for a quick start solution use one of their pre-defined models), switch on the gravity and start the springs oscillating, then giggle with delight as your creation comes to life, lurching spasmodically across your screen.

What's more, while it's in motion, you can drag and drop your Soda creature anywhere within the playing field. Snigger evilly as your turtle-esque being lands upside down and frantically waves its little spring-controlled legs in the air.

When the pleasures of being evil finally start to wear off, fear not! You can now alter the gravitational constant, or even reverse it or turn it off completely. You can increase or decrease the tensile strength of the springs, change their oscillation rate or generally tinker with the universe in a variety of pleasing ways.

If you want to play, Sodaplay lives at (choose the "constructor" link).


Sodaplay is dangerously, frighteningly addictive. I will bear no responsibility for you spending even more time in front of your computer (if that's possible), neglecting Everything or deciding to change career path and becoming a mechanical engineer.

sodaplay (also known as sodaconstructor) is a physics simulation. Its generally accepted purpose is to create moving models, but it can be used to construct many other things, notably roller coasters and art.

Sodaplay models consist of masses which are connected by springs (bars). These springs can be made into muscles, which expand and contract rhythmically. Just a few properly synchronized muscles can create a complex and lifelike motion. You can also construct fixed masses, which are completely immobile. These can be used as guidelines, to make sure that certain pieces of your model are the same length.

Many different types of models are possible, limited only by their creator's imagination. Indeed, one of sodaplay's great strengths is its replayability (some might call it potential for addiction) . Once you've finished a beautiful masterpiece, the game is not over; now you are free to apply what you have learned and build an even better model.

Sodaconstructor lives here:

Support forums are here:

Here is a tutorial site for beginners:

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