An unassuming visitor to scenic Philadelphia, Pennsylvania may be surprised, and quite understandbly so, when encountered by the world's biggest colon; but that visitor need not be afraid...for a quick moment's research will reveal that they are simply inside: The Mutter Museum.

This darkly lit, two floor chamber of horrors was conceived in the 19th century by Dr. Thomas Mütter, to house thousands of pathological specimens and medical illustrations for study by doctors and future doctors...or...people like me, who just want to see AN ACTUAL JARBABY. Rather than a place to simply freak out or scare the public, it is a way of looking at the human form and all it's varieties, as well as old medical instruments and procedures like an iron lung from the early twentieth century, or the basic tools that a physician would use in a standard 1875 checkup.

But all that aside, how can you resist the informative, if not frighteningly extensive exhibit of Items Swallowed and Removed or the cross section of a human head, complete with slice of face STILL ATTACHED? And as you saunter past a shelf full of ghostly white skulls, like the corpses of a maudlin church choir, what about The Collection of Human Horn Growths? All of these are available for your subtle, rather than circus freak like perusal and ponderance, thanks to the Philadelphia College of Physicians, and for only $8, it's a great Halloween Haunt. Or perhaps for Thanksgiving, so you can realize just how lucky you are NOT to have your skeleton growing OUTSIDE your body.