Remembered fragments:

My boyfriend and I are holed up in this house somewhere...not an unusual house, but it was winter, and cold, and although there had been lots of other people around originally, they had all gone out.

We turn on this heating unit, like a huge furnace, and fall asleep or stop paying attention.

The others come back; apparently we had used the furnace wrongly, and it had blown out some vent in a vicious, vision-distorting belch of heat. "You could have died," they tell us.

I'm playing a computer game, and it's an older version than one I've seen my friends playing. Only, instead of just playing it, I'm in it. It's sort of a Sims-style game, and my task is to convince these dogs (I think there's a person, too) to fall asleep.

The room is dark, most of them are asleep, but there's one sitting in a rocking chair (it's one of those little gray, wiry dogs with a beard). I crawl/sneak up to it and my my chin on its lap. I try to talk it into sleeping, it talks to me, another dog speaks up from behind me.

It's like we've changed positions.

The dreams themselves weren't so strange, but I woke up feeling tired and disturbed by them. I haven't been very happy lately, and they seemed to only reiterate that.