Although it is sometimes hard to disassociate Cambridge from the university that it houses, something should be said of the other attractions and entertainments that students and the public enjoy alike.

The previous writeups have given great emphasis to pubs, as they should, as pubs are an integral part of the town and culture of Cambridge. However, if you are looking for clubs, consider the following:

  • The Fez Club - very popular, especially on Monday nights. Every night has a different music theme, so look for flyers before, to check what's in store. Bottles of beer are reasonably cheap, and there are cheap cocktails before 10:30pm.
  • Ballare, a.k.a Fifth Avenue, a.k.a. Cindy's - Expensive, watered-down beer, sociopathic bouncers and awful music. The best Cambridge has to offer.
  • The Junction - A little out of town to the east. Has different music themes, again, including a Drum & bass night and a gay friendly night.
  • Coco's - New club, very large (for Cambridge)! Cheap drinks all night and various different rooms. Music is more commercial, with some cheese. Also there is an international students night.

As for daytime entertainment, punting is basically compulsory in Cambridge. You can hire boats at many, many locations for around £5 to £10 an hour. There are many beautiful buildings to look at too, such as King's College Chapel, St. Mary's Church, the Fitzwilliam Museum and all of the actual colleges themselves, dating back to 1284! There are too many tea shops, restaurants and cafes to list, but rest assured, you won't struggle to find one! There is an open air market open Monday to Saturday from 9.30am to 4.30pm (excl Bank Holidays) in the centre of town, on Market Hill.

In conclusion, Cambridge is a town so steeped in history and culture, it is impossible to list everything you could, and should, do, but I hope this gives you a taster of what is in store!