Well, I had a daylog here for Feb 5. It was apparently erased/nuked/whatever. I know I submitted one becuse it said I had 49 writeups remaining when I submitted it, and upon submitting this, it also says that I have 49 writeups remaining.


Ok, WonkoDSane just informed me in the chatterbox that there was a hiccup on ENN earlier today and my writeup was lost in the shuffle. I shall try to recall what I wrote, although it was actually quite long and now I can't imagine what I could have written about today that was so long.

Today I got a lot of work done for once. I had Japanese class this morning, our quiz has been pushed back yet again to wednesday. I got a lot of progress done on my project; tomorrow I start compiling and debugging.

I went to the gym for about 1.5 hours. I need to start going again every night if I want to keep eating the way I am.

Umm.. I can't recall what else I wrote about (it was about 8 paragraphs long). Oh well; it was a good day anyway... I think I'll go to sleep now and go into work early tomorrow.