I had a dentist appointment this morning. I finally got rid of all of my mercury fillings. I took the day off from work because it didn't make sense to go to work for only three hours.

I met up with Sara, Ann and CR at 4pm. It was the first time I seen Sara since she wrote me the "Let's just be friends" letter. I think everything's going to work out ok though. She gave me a really long hug when we met today, and there wasn't any awkwardness between us when we talked and did things.

We went to the beach for about two hours, then back to my place to go rollerblading for about an hour. We were trying to decide where to eat, but Sara was broke and decided to go home and study. The rest of us went over to Ann's apartment and had macaroni and cheese. I fell asleep on the floor, but eventually woke up and went home.

It was a good day. I'm glad to see Sara again, and I'm glad everything's cool between us.