Today I spent so much time writing a node on Edward Ruloff that i completely neglected to do my homework that I had been putting off until now. Maybe it is bad for me that I spend so much time on E2 but I really feel like I am getting something useful out of it. I more fully understand the cultures of some Native American tribes that inhabited the area that I am from, I know more geography. I feel like I am learning more on E2 than I am in school because I am doing the research out of an intarest that is internal rather than a sort of pavlovian conditioning: the desire to get good grades. I also feel like my english skills are improving. I have a desire to communicate more eloquently that causes me to attempt to write better every time I create a new node; I have a long way to go but I am making some progress. I also put off my daily workout to continue research; once again geekdom wins out over good health.