So... as none of you know, I bring with me to work each day a thermos filled with NesQuik-mixed chocolate milk.

Doctor Crusher

I use the NesQuik mixture since just plain 1% milk curdles too quickly, even considering the fact that usually I've already finished it all by ten a.m.

poured some soup

My co-workers occasionally ask me what's in my thermos when they see me take a swig. I usually then glance around, wink a conspiratorial wink, and reply "Screwdrivers," and then chuckle.

for Captain Picard

It's not the world's greatest thermos, in fact, it's not really even a Thermos-brand thermos (It's one of those all tissues are a kleenex-like association, really). I bet a Thermos would keep my thirty-four ounces of milk from curdling. Anyway, I digress.

out of a thermos

It looks to be brushed aluminum with black plastic rings, a handle and a laughable shoulder strap. With the cup/lid on, though, it resembles something out of the future, like you'd see on a starship.

just like mine,

Who'd've thought that you can still buy one at your local K-mart for about $9.99.

on an episode of ST:TNG once.

In fact,

Doctor Crusher poured some soup for Captain Picard out of a thermos just like mine on a episode of ST:TNG once.

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