Grave of the Fireflies is a beautiful and deeply saddening anime that is a testament to the human spirit that shines ever brighter in the face of adversity. No giant mechs or magic girls here, this movie is about two orphaned children trying to survive in Japan as World War II comes to a close. What is so beautiful about the movie is that, though in the beginning you see the boy die in a dirty subway station from starvation and appear as a ghost with his little sister, the entire movie retains a sense of hope, that perhaps they'll make it, perhaps they'll be Ok. This makes the inevitable conclusion to the movie even sadder. An example of how great an art-form anime can really be and the emotions it conveys, I haven't yet had a friend to whom I've showed this movie that wasn't weeping at the end, men and women. Based on the award-winning autobiographical novel by Akiyuki Nosaka, Grave of the Fireflies is a movie that shows the tragedies of war to both young and old. Everyone should see this, not just otaku