If you have a choice between MI 1 or 2, pick 1. The thing that was so innovative in 1 was that about 10% of the population had to have someone explain to them what was going on. There is another 10% that just can't stand to have things not laid right out for them, and left during the middle of it because they became too confused. For the other 80%, the movie was much more entertaining because of this. All of my hopes for a similar sequel were shot down by the new MI 2. MI 2 went back to the regular action mold. Good guy, bad guy, pretty woman falls in love with good guy, woman complicates things so it looks like bad guy may win, good guy saves woman and beats bad guy. The only ties to MI 1 was the confusion created by the many different masks that the good and bad guys wear. This of course, only lasts at most a minute until they take it off on camera, so you know what is going on.

If you were hoping for a sequel to MI 1, sorry. If you just want to see another action flick, MI 2 isn't too bad.