The Firebox is WatchGuard Corporation's flagship product. Made for small to large businesses, the Firebox is a Linux-based router/firewall. It comes with extremely nice software for Windows or Linux to configure everything as well as monitor network activity. The Firebox has 3 ethernet ports: Trusted, External, and Optional. This makes it very nice for businesses with web servers that they don't want on the internal network, but don't want sitting directly on the Internet either. Additionally, a serial connection is provided for securely configuring the machine or connecting to it if you have forgotten your passwords and two PCMCIA slots are more than enough for later expansion. Another nice thing about the product is that unlike other companies with similar products, WatchGuard is a well established corporation and support is great (they have a web-based ticket system).

The only place where the Firebox really lacks is the ability to create an IDS. The Firebox does not come with any kind of IDS nor can the logs be saved as any kind of standard format for integration with IDS software such as Snort.