It's official. There's nothing left to save.

It probably began back in the early '90s when Michael Jackson, having outbid Paul McCartney for the Beatles catalog, went and sold the rights to Revolution to Nike. As though they needed any help selling more over-priced, made in China, Air Jordans. You say you want a revolution? You'll have to pay a child molester for it.

More recently, things took an even more bizare turn. Someone in the firm helping to craft the ad campaign for Royal Caribbean Cruises decided to use Iggy Pop's Lust for Life as the theme. They must have only paid attention to the title and the chorus, because the rest of the lyrics are about sex, liquor, and drugs. They've obviously never "had it in the ear before."

These were bad, but I could at least smile at the irony. Then today, rivers flowed uphill, birds sang the Lord's Prayer in reverse, the sun refused to cast it's light upon the world - and they used the Paris scene from Casablanca to market Diet Coke.

What's next?!? Will Sara Lee use Don McLean to foist Easy Bake Apple Pie™? Or maybe they'll use Gone With the Wind to show us 101 more uses for cotton!

So, it's official: nothing is sacred. Everyone and everything is for sale, and it's all going cheap.