The phone woke me up this morning with a ring. "It must be important," I thought, "for no one who truly knows me would ever dare to call me at this time of day if they valued their life." It was too true. Ms. Conroy from the computer science department at school informed me that there was a problem with my graduation application. I was missing a requirement of some sort, and would have to speak to one of the heads of the department. Definitely not a good start to the day, and I decided I was still too tired to deal with this, so I burrowed back under the sheets.

I awoke around my natural waking time and called one of the department heads to set an appointment. I get to see him tomorrow, which is a first. I have always had to book appointments at least two weeks in advance, but I suppose since this is rather urgent, they made an exception. Don't get me wrong, the amount of genuine care is rather nice. It's a lot more I've ever gotten from my former school.

The rest of my day was rather routine. Two three-hour classes in a row. Not fun, but it certainly makes the rest of the week really light. My graduation problem was still at the back of my mind. My undergraduate advisor told me last semester I was good to go. Grr! This advisor had conveniently left the administration over the summer, so I couldn't even bitch him out.

I chauffered my sister with me to school. She had to meet someone in the dorms to teach them how to use Macromedia Flash. She was amazed by the changes to the school. While she had only graduated very recently, there has been an amazing amount of construction since then. A parking lot had been restructured, a parking lot had been removed and replaced with a foundation for a new addition to a dorm, and the parking deck gained two floors.

It's now 2:30 AM and I'm actually studying for a battery of questions tomorrow. Well, studying, as in glance-at-the-notes-and-goof-off-when-my-attention-span-goes. Hey, it could be my last semester, and I'm going to enjoy it while I can.