The problems with New Jersey's highway systems are either: no signs, confusing signs, or misplaced signs. I've lived here all my life and I'm pretty familiar with which roads have junctions and connections with others, so the absence of signs does not bother me much.

Confusing signs are those which tell you to take the next exit, which can get confusing if there are a series of exits 1/16 of a mile from each other. These also include the signs that tell you some major highway is 20 miles up ahead. 20 miles may not sound like much, but it is when you have to deal with New Jersey traffic.

Misplaced signs take the brunt of my ire. These are the signs that are placed well into the exit telling you what exit you're taking. I see no purpose in this placement other than to annoy people who missed the exit because the sign was not placed before the entrance to the exit. There are quite a lot of these on Route 80, east of Parsipanny. There's also one on Route 1 South for the Parkway North entrance in Woodbridge.

I see this phenomenon around extremely dense areas, especially cities. Unfortunately, most of Northern and Central New Jersey is very dense, so it's like that everywhere.

Multiple directions to the same destination are possible, because there really are that many ways to get to a place. I can think of 4 ways off the top of my head to get to Hoboken from where I am. The directions I give are based on the person who will be driving -- how capable a driver they are in terms of skill and following directions. I will give them the simple, but long way if I have any fear they have a chance of getting lost. If you stick to the major highways, you should be pretty safe. These are I-78, I-80, the Garden State Parkway, and New Jersey Turnpike.