Otherwise known as the pinnacle of cullinary excellence. Here's how to make one:

Dan's (aka ioctl) Pizza Recipe

Serves 2-3 people or 1 hungry hacker.


Ok. Start your oven up preheating to 400 degrees F. Take a large cutting board and pour a small ammount (a small handful) onto it. Start stretching out your dough on this cutting board (the flour is so it won't stick). Stretch it into a large circle, and try not to make it too thin yet not too thick. Next, pour your tomato sauce on to the dough and spread it around to within a half to quarter inch from the edge of the dough. Here's a little tip: the key to a good pizza is good sauce. Don't be stingy and buy cheap sauce; get good sauce and your overall pizza experience will be better. Next, sprinkle cheese all over on top of the sauce. Don't be skimpy with the cheese, get more if you think you need it. Add the garlic among the cheese, however much you feel is adequate (I assume you know how much garlic you like/can tollerate). Finally add your toppings liberally, and perhaps sprinkle a little more cheese on top of the toppings. By now your oven should be done preheating, so slide your pizza onto a circular cookie tray (aka a pizza tray) and place it in the oven for about 12 minutes. I'd recommend checking the pizza ever 2 minutes starting around 10 minutes after it's in. Cook until the cheese is melted and the crust is at least browned around the edges. Remove from the oven, and make 4 equal cuts (should leave you with 8 slices) with a knife or pizza cutter. Enjoy!

For the lazy of you out there, there's always frozen pizza. Some of it is even pretty good. But sometimes there's no alternative to real, homemade (or pizza place) pizza. NOTE: Pizza Hut IS NOT A PIZZA PLACE. IT IS A PLACE OF SICKNESS WHERE THEY SERVE "PIZZA" THAT MAKES YOU ILL. Just a small warning for all of you...