She sat in a small room at the side of the party. The guests were all lining up outside her door - waiting for their turns. I was patient and watched each one carefully as they walked out. Then I chatted to some of them casually about their Tarot cards. I wanted to ask her... about love. A funny guy with puffy, curly hair and an always-stunned expression joked that he would listen in to my whole fortune. Hahaha - we all laughed, to be polite but not much of a joke. It was my turn finally.

She was small and round with grey hair and a French accent. She had a black shawl on with a bunch of crazy, flashy butterflies on it. I cut the deck of oversized cards in three and made a wish. She turned over the cards with childish symbol drawings, explaining them with surprising detail. I liked her - she genuinely believed in what she was talking about. My belief is in rationality and tangible reality - but I'm basic, like everyone else. I make choices based on the same things as all of the other animals.

"Tell me about... love" I urged...and she did. It sounded really nice.

I walked out and the funny guy looked at me up and down and said that I was pale and sweating. Everyone was suddenly looking at me.

"It is really hot in there." I said, embarrassed. The lady, still in her little room, did an exaggerated nod in agreement.