I cannot write much about the Order of the Arrow, because I am a member, and sworn to secrecy as all are. Think of it as a national brotherhood of honored campers. We are dedicated to making the outdoors a better place and to promote the ideals of Scouting, Brotherhood, and Service.

A few things that I can tell you are that we are designated in uniform by varying sashes of white with a Red Arrow. Adults and Youth are both admitted to the order. Female adults may be admitted as well (there is no preference, I know many personally).

There is a rich history to the Order. I personally belong to the oldest lodge in New England, and we have at least one person who was there for the founding if the lodge. It is an interesting organization filled with mystery, ceremony, and service. Of course you have to go through the Ordeal to get in, but any camper worth his salt can make it through that, I'd hope. It's not easy though. If you ever get a chance, go for it; it's an experience you'll never forget.