A club or group which may permit (some) members to wear an emblem, usually on the back of a vest or jacket. Traditionally the patch club form of organization is used by motorcycle and leather groups. New members are admitted by a vote of current membership (usually after serving a pledge period).

Many modern patch clubs differ substantially from this basic formula and some ogranizations which are fee-membership based have started to bestow the right to wear colors on members who undertake significant work or projects for the club or their larger community.

Those who belong to more than one club may wear small vest patches to indicate those memberships, and will choose to wear the larger back patch or colors to indicate their primary affiliation.

Clubs which organize runs (usually annual events) will also often create small patches or pins for the attendees noting the year of the event.

Many clubs change thier focus over a period of years. Groups which may have been S&M oriented may change focus to simply being a motorcycle club or (less often) vice versa.

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