The GameAxe is a (the only?) portable Famicom clone that has recently popped back up in the Pirate market channels as a hot item. It is a bascially 99% compatable famicom stuck in a box about the size of a GameGear. The box and packaging are obvious ripoffs of the GameBoy Color logo (as it says GameAxe Color), but it is still a neat product. I hear it a battery devourer, it needs a special adapter (72-60 pin) to play US NES games, and has a weird power converter, but otherwise is quite a novel unit, if you can get one in decent condition. What i like is that there is a portable LCD screen that you can plug anything (I have seen tests of it booting a playstation) into it.

There are numerous issues with these devices, and importing any peice of Hong Kong equipment is a hassle, but all in all, these units are a great piece to have, and a must for any serious video game collector.