A fictitious scenario penned by the Insane Clown Posse that tells the tale of a deranged psychopath. His misadventures lead him first to a high school prom, where he makes quick work of most of the guests. He escapes, naked, axe flying madly. Our anti-hero proceeds then to climb up a tree and climb back down, the only reason for this being 'Straight up insanity'. After finding a house, the focus of the tale breaks in and hides upstairs. A family arrives back at their home, only to come face to face with the psychopath. They are quickly murdered and thrown into the trunk of the killer's Pinto. Careening wildly down the freeway, our naked hero is pulled over by a police officer. Only after many warnings not to look in the trunk, the officer does so, finding the bodies and bringing his own fate to bare upon the edge of the wicked axe. Time shifts for a moment, as the psychopath proceeds to hijack a bus, full of passengers. At this time he is quoted as saying '...And I'm thinkin the worst, shit like women and children die first...' The reader is never sure what happens to the bus, as the scene again shifts, this time to the thirty sixth precinct of Detroit's police force. There the clown-faced killer awaits returning police, only to issue their doom with his fatal axe. One of the more amusing lines in the story is uttered here; 'I'd get a job at a doughnut shop, just to poison a cop'. As the story draws to a close we see the naked psycho crash into a Mexican restaurant, axe swinging and people dying. Overall a strange story to say the least, one that will never, ever be recognized for any literary awards.

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