Went to Windsor, Ontario and searched by customs. Students with long hair in a Buick Roadmaster are suspicious, I suppose. We didn't have anything illegal (or otherwise--the trip was borne of spontineity), so we leave the midwest's home of photochemical smog and enter refreshing Canada.

After settling down in an overpriced but wonderfully Victorian suite, we went to the liquor store, purchased a bottle of Mandrin and a twelve of Newcastle. We sat and talked for some time, and come seven forty-seven we left for the bars. Went first to a sports pub and ate and drank, then to a dingy bar bar, my kind of place, replete with billiards and Sharpie graffiti on walls and even on television. A fifty-some year-old Yosemite Sam-looking guy was playing pool and whenever he made a tough shot I'd compliment him. After some white Russians, we went to another bar and then a trendy-looking club which displeased us. I was feeling audacious and yeasty and tried to take a beer outside but was told to get back in. I handed it to the bouncer and left.

Got hot dogs at a stand and mustard on my coatsleeve. Friends tried to enter dance club but one was turned down for being too intoxicated. He got worked up about it and I tried to calm him down. We went to a bar and grill next and sat at a booth. Same friend tries to hit on attractive ravenhaired waitress, twenty-some. He trips on rug and gets the boot. Exeunt us.

Back to the dingy cement watering hole, and some people are in our booth in corner. I approach them and initiate conversation. Three females, three males, from Michigan (they show me the general location with their Michigan-shaped hand). We talk ravingly about absinthe, Cocteau Twins, Phish, Air, and Tetrium Organum. All have brown to black hair, long and shaggy, and three have hornrimmed glasses. One girl is stunningly attractive in a reserved way. Another looks nymphish, and I tell her she looks like Lolita. We all exchange numbers and the three of us leave.

Back at hotel at three and staying awake until four. Watching Canadian latenight television show, guy who looks like an old cigarsmoking mayor.

We go to sleep.