I took a nap late in the afternoon, woke up to the phone ringing. My friend asked if I wanted to play basketball, but I was tired and said no.

I got up and walked to Subway. The park looked beautiful with its walkways lit up. It had this cold, distant feel to it. There was hardly any wind blowing, and a few scattered snowflakes floated lazily and haphazardly around the lights.

Later I called my friend and went to her place to eat pizza. We didn't talk much and when we did, it was strained. She asked why I was such a jerk last night. I said I was kind of mad at her for not calling in two weeks. Another buddy came over and someone put on some movie about ballet.

I tried to convince everyone to go to my place because I was uninterested in the film. I assumed a whiny voice, and, in jest, said, "C'mon, please."

"You don't do anything for me, so why should I for you?" she asked.

I said, "There's no reason why you should, but I think you might like one of the movies I have. You haven't seen them."

"Will you go to church with me tomorrow?"

"Meet me there. The 9:30 mass will have been the third one I went to tomorrow. I'm holier than thou. Let's go now."

"You don't even want me to come."

"It doesn't matter really. I just want to leave."

"Then go."

I left. The elevator was malfunctioning, so I waited for five minutes while the door opened and closed. I came home and went to sleep.