Badly Drawn Boy played The Limelight in Belfast tonight, and it was the best gig I'd seen in ages. He seemed quite drunk, but he was in very good form. He started the set with Another Pearl, which was excellent, and played all the songs I wanted to hear. There was one or two songs that I didn't know, which I guess is to be expected as he's meant to have hundreds of songs. He talked to the audience a lot, telling stories, picking fights with hecklers, insulting Belfast girls in general, and he even passed round a picture of his three month old daughter (he got the picture back at the end of the gig too, surprisingly...). I think my favourite song from his two - odd hour long set was "Pissing in the Wind", although he did a wonderful rendition of "This Song".

The only thing that bothered me was how incredibly crowded the place was. I was pretty damn squashed the whole time. The Limelight is a small venue and there's no way there should have been that many people crushed in to it.

A minor quibble though, as I thoroughly enjoyed the concert. Europeans - look out for Badly Drawn Boy playing a venue near you soon.