You want fast food? Here's fast food. Heat a flour tortilla over the flames of your stove, so it's warm and crispy in places, and spread peanut butter on it (the heat should make it spread better). I like chunky peanut butter for this: it helps diversify the texture. Drizzle a little honey on it, then add chopped scallions, really finely chopped garlic, sesame seeds (toasted if you've got'em) and soy sauce. Roll it up, put the lid back on the peanut butter and the cutting board by the sink, and run out the door.

There's a restaurant in New York City that is based on variations on peanut butter sandwiches: they have "The Elvis" (and the Elvis Plus, with bacon), chicken-peanut butter satay, peanut butter milkshakes - peanut butter and jelly, of course, and many other things. Try it, but only on an absolutely empty stomach. They go VERY heavy on the peanut butter. It is, as TAFKAH assesses, a sign of and encouragement to excess, and can be found at 240 Sullivan St. between West 3rd and Bleeker - i suspect those of you with peanut allergies wight want to avoid that area altogether.