Unsuccessfully writing some PHP. Nate picks up phone; Darcy is calling us so we can wish her a happy birthday. She's home in Marina, after passing out at one of her 4 jobs and going to the hospital. Wants to catch a movie later on 6:30 - 7:00ish. I'm plotting excuses to not go.


Woops, we forgot to call her.
Nate calls her: "Ohh, I've got a paper to write tonight, want to ask Mike?"
Me: "No one to hang out with on your birthday??" <- Normally I would have killed for the oppurtunity to say "I can't think of anything you deserve more!"
Me: "Uh, sure, I can hang out later"
She asked me to come over to watch Clue. I'm an ass for this. Not only am I dissing Santa Cruz friends, I'm dissing them for DARCY!!!


Knock knock...
Me: "Hi" How in God's name was I ever attracted to you?
Me: "Happy Birthday" Why do you dress like a colorblind Backstreet Boy?!
Me:"Dry, sarcastic comments. giving off keep-your-hands-off-me! body language.]"
For the first five minutes, I was on my toes, expecting her to pull out some blunt object and whack me over the head. Conditioned response. Clue turned out to be Quills; my ears suck. Good flick, anyway.


Head over to Monterrey to go to bars w/Nate. For some reason we are laughing and having a good time. She tells me she missed me and pecks me a kiss. We're blasting Dark Tranquillity. It was a moment. A stupid lie of a moment.


Arrive at Nate's...Jennifer is coming too. Cool. At that point I thought having Jennifer & Nate along would be like heading into a gunfight with double backup.


Got to the Mucky Duck, a really cool pub meets ski-lodge meets meat market. It was empty on a Wed. night. Bartender made Darcy a Brain Hemorrhage. Jennifer and I bet on how long it would take before Darcy puked or passed out. I said 47 minutes. Jennifer graciously gave her 52.


Darcy complained for 10 minutes that she would not tolerate the lactose in the Bailey's portion of the drink. This was greeted with "Juuust driiink IT!"'s from the three of us. After three sips, she was done with the woosy mixed drink. Everything's cool, having fun, beginning of a fun night...










This is when Darcy gets lame.
I don't know if I mentioned this, but Darcy's only gotten drunk a few times. It's usually ugly;
check this out: "IwasgoingtotellyousomethinglaterbecauseImissedyouandmaybe. since you're not being nice to me furget it."
Me: WTF? She's right though. People can read my emotions crystal clear. She makes my stomach curdle, and being nice for her birthday just wasn't going to work. Did she expect me to beg her to take me back?


Darcy downs a Hawaiian Punch and walks out of the bar to go see some ex-something or other from Brittania Arms. This is someone she desperately avoided when we were going out.
Nate says: "You know, it's sort of bad bar etiquette to walk out on your friends when they haven't finished their drinks."
Jennifer says: "What a dork."
I say: "whatever" out loud.
Inside, I'm mentally cutting her to pieces.


Nate: "We should probably find her."


We leave the bar to find her. We ask the boucer at Brittania Arms if he's seen (description of Darcy) anywhere.
Bouncer: "Psh, I don't remember."
Jennifer: "Orange pants, Monkey backpa--"
Bouncer: "OHH her! She went down to Viva."


We meet up with her walking alone on the sidewalk. She's begun giving me the cold shoulder. Ha. Girl, I was giving the cold shoulder years before you were dressing like a clown! We walk back to Viva; Jennifer sees a person she REALLY REALLY did not want to see, but we go in anyway. We get drinks.


Ok, birthday's over, let's get out. Jennifer goes to talk to Sean, the guy she's avoiding. Darcy is flirting with unsuspecting surfers. Ignoring Nate, Jennifer also now. Loud, obnoxious brat. Became more and more clear why I never wanted to see her ever again.
Nate: "I feel like an add-on."


Chug a beer, and go outside to smoke with Nate and Jennifer. Cigarettes make me nauseous. I vehemently drag on them.


Jennifer/Nate ask me how I feel. How many friends do that for you!? I'm learning the difference between people who have respect for you, and those who beg for your attention. I'm pissed and I vent. About Darcy, and other stuff.


Surprise, Darcy is still acting like an ass. We're bored with it and tell her we're going to another bar. Well, they told her. I decided to keep walking.


We make it to the London Bridge. I'm wanting to get sloshed. Simultaneously pissed for ever having wasted time on such a miserable piece of trash. We drank some drinks, talked and appreciated each other's company. Jay, the bartender is playing the "Best of..." Blur cd, so that was great...


We walk home, pop in some good music. Nate and Jennifer go outside for a smoke, and I pass out with the cat on the couch.
Cat steps on my head...Ow...I wake up...too early.


Wake up...Crap, Work! Look around. Hey, Darcy never came home! Oh, wait, there's the stuffed animal backpack. (For some reason, I thought of getting vengeance on Darcy by putting Willa, the cat in her monkey backpack. Then I chuckled, as it would have been more cute than mean.) Wait, she's in Nate's bed?! Nate!?!? whatever. Get up, get some water. I see Nate in Jennifer's bed...OH, ok...Darcy's mom calls. Everyone wakes up. Nate offers food. I bid farewell to my friends. Ignore Darcy without looking back.


Arrive at work without shower, same clothes. Eamon called me "hippie." I'm wearing the t-shirt I let her borrow, and had been trying to avoid ever wearing again.

Debated writing her an email telling her I will never talk to her again. That her bullshit overshadows any other worthwhile quality found in a person I would consider a friend. Blahblahblah, go fuck yourself.

Perhaps that's exactly what she wants. I'll just never talk to her again.