Freeride is the latest trend in mountain biking, where people riding fairly beefy (about 30 pounds) bikes, often with front and rear suspension, ride lines that make mere mortals like me stand slack-jawed in awe. Basically it involves bikes that while heavy can still climb a hill (as opposed to downhill) riding over small cliffs (dropoffs) and down steep hills at fairly high speeds. Featured in many mountain biking movies such as the Kranked films, freeride has also been called a catchy name for what many riders have been doing for years, which is true IMO.

But while the name may be just a marketing gimmick freeride is good fun for all us invincible adolescents and 20 somethings with fast reflexes. Also practiced by a small contingent of middle aged and older riders such as John Tomac. Out-fringed only by trials riding and mountain unicyclists like Kris Holm.