This is from a narrow and focused perspective. You can board however you like, and that's fine. This however, is what I have found personally to be the ideal preparation for an elegant run.

First you have the vulgar physical necessities: clothes, mountain, board, bindings, boots, miscellany. I sincerely hope that you're a free-ride kind of boarder because I don't know how to reach enlightenment with mushy boots. The boots, of course, should be free of debris and, if rented (you poor bastard) a good fit. Your board is your soul, your weapon, and your body. It must be freshly waxed, and those of appropriate bent are encouraged to pray over it. Your bindings must be adjusted to your body and style. Your equipment is your salvation.

Now, the setting. This is difficult to arrange, but there is more tolerance here than in any other section. You want fresh snow, slightly larger than powder, and you want it cold. You want it fucking cold. You're not here to pussyfoot around, and your body is not your master. Ideally, it's still snowing heavily, and there's a powerful wind. That will give you the perfect 12m visibilty on the slopes. Weekdays mornings are best, as other humans are a hindrance. This cannot be your first run of the day.

Now you're ready to go up the lift. Bundle up on your body, but expose your cheeks and forehead. Feel the wind and the ice cutting into your skin. Feel the elemental nature of what you're doing. Contemplate the mountain in its power, age, and majesty. Realize that even though there are roads and lifts and hot chocolate, you are only a pilgrim here. Then taste the thin sharp air, and feel like screaming.

Go to the top of your run, and adjust yourself. Open your coat, take your hat off, and stand at the top like you're beginning a kata. Which, of course, you are. Be nothing, eliminate all thought and movement, and jump.

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