Today was the first day of my new job as a computer tech. at a local community college. I was late. Well, wait, let me back up a bit. It's Co-Op job. That means I goto school 1/2 the school day, the goto work the other half. So, my schedule had to be re-worked a bit and so the only English class that's available is an enriched (ie: hard) one. But hey, that's not that bad, I like literature, I've done pretty well in english before, or so I thought... First assignment for me? Five page (eight paragraph) research paper on The Canterburry Tales. Yup. Fun.

I still have my same Tech Math class. More fun. But, I got everything ironed out. I had all the details worked out in my head, and was ready for all the stuff that was changing. Or so I thought...

11:13 Math is over. School is done. Goto lunch.
11:40 Lunch is done. Time to goto the bus stop.
12:00 Arrive at bus stop, 10 minutes early :)
12:10 Bus'll be here any minute...
12:15 Yup...any minute
12:20 Hmm. That's strange. Bus is 10 minutes late.
12:30 Starting to get the feeling the bus isn't comming.
12:40 Yup. Not comming. Go back to school, explain to my teacher why I'm not at work. Call my boss, tell him I'll be late. Call my mom, ask her to come give me a ride.
1:30 Got to work. Late. My first day. Late. Even More Fun.

Apparently, I've got an old bus schedule. I guess they don't update the schedules on their website...

But, I get to work and that goes fine.

Find out that the bus route I planned on taking to work doesn't exist anymore. I Have no clue what to do now.

Find a different way to make it to work. Hopefully I can leave math 10 minutes early every day to make it to the bus.

I should have spent more time describing all this, but it's late, and should be sleeping right now, and I've still gotta get a shower and read... Suffice to say, I had all my plans worked out, but they didn't work out. It was pretty frustrating. But, on a positive note, the two used CDs I ordered from w/ my Christmas money came in the mail today, and they're in perfect condition :) (The two CDs were Loud and Clear by The Supertones and All The Hype That Money Can Buy by Five Iron Frenzy).

You know I haven't had the best of days
But I want to stop and that You anyway

'Cause every single moment whether sleeping or awake
Is your creation
And what you've made is good
I don't always thank you for the rough days and
the hard times in my life
Even though I should

January 23, 2001. Update: Got everything worked out w/ the new schedule and such, works fine... woohoo!