I just got home from seeing this movie. Might I say that it is the best flick I've seen in quite a while.

The opening credits are handwritten in pencil on yellow lined paper. Clever.

Patrick Fugit's character, William, is a bit of a genius. His mother lied to him about his age so that he wouldn't feel like such a freak being two or three years younger than everyone else in his class. 'Course, he feels like a freak anyhow, because the world doesn't treat child geniuses like they did on Doogie Howser.

William wants to be a music critic. By a stroke of luck, he gets a gig with Rolling Stone to write a story on Stillwater. He gets to tour with them, Rolling Stone's picking up the tab, and all he needs to do is get a couple of interviews, which seems like it would be simple enough.

Except that to the band members, rock critics are the enemy. And then there's the groupies, the insecure, jealous lead singer, the drugs, the sex, the using.

And they thought it was all about the music, man.

Fame does bad things to people. Wanting to be cool can lead to doing things you never thought you would. And pretty soon, no one's in it for the music anymore. And what's left after that, eh?

Anyhow, it's very cool. I recommend it to anyone who is as possessed by music as I am.