Sniper Handbook by Hyane

First of all, this is a handbook for gaming. I don't know if you can use this in real-life but lets just leave that for the army boys, shall we?

I don't about you but I'm not one of those people who can jump into a gunfight, automatics a-blazing, and expect to come out alive. So instead I used my brain and deceided to become a sniper and this worked to great avail because in one of those gunfights I mentioned above, the victor can be rewarded by a bullet to his head from god-knows-where and no way of retaliation, to much of their frustration. If that has got you interested, read on.

You might expect snipers to be a one-man job and more often than not, most people head off alone but i find that in a team the sniper can have different roles. the sniper has a greater range and fields of vision and can scout ahead of the team of gunslingers, especially good if you can talk to your people. Rule: Scouting equals walk. A sniper works better when he camps but unless its life threatening, don't run/ walk. Running makes you stand out as much as wearing a clown suit would so obviously don't do it. A sniper can take out one man with no problem maybe even two but anymore than that and you need back-up. Or if you're team is losing a gunfight, the sniper is great for defence. Just find a long alley or something and tell you're men to retreat. If they're followed you can pick the opposition off one by one. And of course you can also take part in the gunfight yourself but just be careful who you shoot. That could be you're own guys out there.

Now for the "I work alone" people a few points you might want to remember.

. WATCH YOUR AMMO. Most snipers rifles have less ammo per clip than a pistol while automatics just laugh at us. That's why we get more damage. so reload before a fight cause your a sitting duck during one. Believe me!

DON'T ALWAYS STAY ZOOMED IN THE SCOPE. That limits your field of vision and thats just stupid and suicidal.

PAY ATTENTION TO NOISE. You're a sniper. More often then not you wil be still and therefore dead silent. Get good speakers and it save your life a few times. (tell your team-mates to say if thay're coming).

STAY VERY STILL. A sniper is at his best when camping and the human eye is attracted by movement so only move if you have a shot. If your still enough, people will mistake you for dead. It has happened!

FIND A GOOD SNIPING POINT. Preferably with an opening to snipe and an entrance. I know that might seem like a cage but unless they can get you with grenades, it is easily defended. If you have a really good one and you don't want to waste if, especialy in call of duty- stupid kill-cam. Then use it to spot only and kill elsewhere after spotting.

FLUSH THEM If you have a person pinned down and they are hiding behind something, use a frag grenade to MAKE them move, hopefully for a good kill shot.

SEE IT, SHOOT IT. In most games, a toe, finger or hip can be as good as a head shot so if you see it ...

FREAK THEM OUT. If you play with people often enough they might anticipate you then use good old reverse-pyschology, i.e. instead of camping far away, camp near. Instead of going to the highest point in the map, you can stay ground level (thankfully there is no sun glare). It should help.

AMBUSH. Control the enemy.You are a sniper, if you shoot somebody to the left of a group often then not, thet will go right and vice-versa. With a team, it is Deadly

BIG TARGET. If he's moving,don't go for style and headshots. The torso is the sure thing so unless you want to wait till he stops, aim for his torso.

As this is really long and I still have more guidelines, so I'll see how this does and go from there.