This perspective changes completely in games like Tribes and Tribes 2. In Tribes, the increased mobility given by the jetpacks (especially to snipers who are necessarily in light armor w/ an energy pack) means that offensively-positioned snipers are not sitting ducks. In fact, a standard sniper loadout (chaingun, spinfusor, laser rifle) differs from the standard dueler loadout (chaingun, spinfusor, grenade launcher) by just one item. They are also well-equipped in the fastest armor/pack combo to make flag support/capping a standard part of the sniper's duties.

Whereas in other games it's the sniper's job to sit down, pick a field of fire, and cover it (and die if they get attacked), the sniper in Tribes is an extremely flexible offensive/defensive player. They are useful for tracking down enemy cappers, capping themselves, helping the capper, stopping heavy offense, softening defense, and causing disarray in the enemy. Many good teams have several dedicated snipers positioned in midfield to handle tasks as they come up. Therefore, snipers in Tribes are not so much concerned with surprise and stealth. Surprise is not usually useful since they cannot inflict instant lethal damage. The sniper philosophy in Tribes is to foster chaos among the enemy team and to play the janitor of the playing field, picking up loose flags and such.

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