Evidently released in France as Tarzoon, la honte de la jungle, this animated film was released in English as Jungle Burger, and promptly went into obscurity.

However, it's a good sample of '70s culture: the English version was written/voiced by alumni of Saturday Night Live, and it's something to watch--of course, don't expect Lawrence of Arabia.

Shame is a Tarzan type who gets wrapped into an adventure. His monkey sidekick Fuzznuts follows him around, ahem, hanging on his penis as Shame swings on the vines.

Shame eventually confronts the evil Bazunga, a bald woman with seven sets of tits, whose evil army is composed of giant penises that hop around on their testicles and spurt semen on the enemy--I'm not kidding--yet somehow he overcomes her.

There are a slew of cool side characters in this film, including a burly jungle safari guy and his wise-cracking sidekick and a "great white hunter" type...it's '70s animation at its weirdest and something to see.